If you receive a “Venmo Payment Declined” notification from Venmo, you should prioritize investigating this issue as it could result in your Venmo account being frozen in which case you won’t be able to use the application until you resolve the issues.

Why Was My Venmo Payment Declined?

According to Venmo, if you receive a Venmo Payment Declined notification it is likely for one or two reasons. These are the two common reasons why your payment would be declined:

  1. Your bank or card issuer declined the transaction.
  2. Venmo’s security system flagged the payment which resulted in it being declined.

In the first instance, if your bank or card issuer declined the transaction then you will have to reach out of them directly to understand exactly why they chose to decline it. Unfortunately, in this situation there is little Venmo can do, and in fact they might not have much information about why the transaction was declined. If there isn’t a clear answer sometimes it might make sense to just retry the transaction later on.

In the second instance, if the Venmo payment declined notification was due to a payment triggering a security flag with Venmo, then that usually will result in Venmo sending you an e-mail with instructions on what to do next. As indicated earlier, this sometimes also can result in your account being temporarily frozen, in which case you need to look into following steps to get your Venmo account unfrozen