Overview of TD Bank

TD Bank was established in 1852. The bank is a Canadian bank that has established a large presence in the United States over the years and is now one of the largest banks operating in the country. The bank has been an active consolidator in the country with several transactions announced and completed over the past two decades including:

The latest acquisition is also one of the largest TD Bank has announced. Following the deal the company expects to have $614 billion of assets, $469 billion of deposits and 10.7 million customers across 22 states and D.C. The bank currently has total assets of $417.4 billion, total net loans outstanding to customers of $153.3 billion and total customer deposits of $366.9 billion. In addition, the FDIC estimates that 69% of the bank’s domestic deposits are insured. The bank currently has a total employee base of 24,791 people. TD Bank is among the banks that use Zelle and so its customers are send money for free and efficiently using the Zelle Network.

Other Information for TD Bank

  • TD Bank Routing Number:
    • Connecticut: 011103093

    • Florida: 067014822

    • Maine: 211274450

    • Massachusetts/Rhode Island: 211370545

    • Metro DC/Maryland/Virginia: 054001725

    • New Hampshire: 011400071

    • New Jersey/Delaware: 031201360

    • New York – Metro NYC (and former Commerce Bank customers): 026013673

    • New York – Upstate NY (former Banknorth customers): 021302567

    • North Carolina/South Carolina: 053902197

    • Pennsylvania: 036001808

    • Vermont: 011600033

  • Main Office Address: 2035 Limestone Rd., Wilmington, DE 19808
  • Website: www.td.com/us/en/personal-banking/
  • Total Number of Branches: 1,159
  • Total Number of International Branches: 1
  • Number of Employees: 24,791
  • FDIC Certificate Number: 18409
  • FDIC Community Bank: No
  • FDIC Field Office: Claymont
  • Independent or Subsidiary Bank: Independent
  • Federal Reserve ID Number: 497404
  • Bank Charter Class: N
  • Primary Regulator: OCC

TD Bank Financial Metrics (as of March 2022):

  • Total Assets: $417.4 billion (increase of 1.4% vs. prior year)
  • Net Loans: $153.3 billion (decrease of 3.7% vs. prior year)
  • Total Deposits: $366.9 billion (increase of 1.9% vs. prior year)
  • Return on Equity: 6.5%
  • Return on Assets: 0.71%