We created this page to address a lot of the frequently asked questions by users about the Venmo App. This is in addition to other questions we’ve addressed elsewhere such as how Venmo Makes Money, how Venmo Groups work and how to block someone on Venmo. Therefore, as one would expect, the page is organized by question. If you have a question that is not addressed shoot us an e-mail at info@bankdash.com.

Can You Venmo Yourself?

No, Venmo users cannot Venmo themselves. We suspect there is confusion related to the fact that there is a ‘Venmo Me’ tab on the QR page in the app, but the answer to ‘can you Venmo yourself?’ is decidedly no, you cannot.

Can You Setup Venmo Recurring Payments

No. Currently Venmo does not allow its users to set up recurring payments or to schedule payments using the app. Both of these would be great features though, so it wouldn’t surprise us if Venmo added them in the future.

Where Can I Find My Venmo QR Code

Once you log into the Venmo app, click the ‘Scan’ option on the bottom left, which will take you to the QR page with options at the top. Select the “Venmo me” option to view your QR code.

Venmo Verify Identity: Why is this Needed?

As a default, Venmo is required by the U.S. Government to collect “certain information” from its users that have access to a Venmo balance. Typically the catalyst for Venmo asking users to verify their identity is whenever users might exceed one of several transfer limits. This includes trying to send more than $300 in a rolling 7 day period and also withdrawing more than $1,000 from Venmo to your bank account in one week. In addition, in order to be a manager in Venmo Groups, you need to have your identity verified. To verify your identity you can go to the “You” tab within the Venmo App, select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Identity Verification’. You will sometimes need to submit documentation (such as a drivers license) to confirm your identity.

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered

This is a message some users get while trying to register for Venmo. If you received this message it means that there is an active Venmo account that is already signed up with your phone number. If you have never signed up for Venmo with your phone number and received this message you should contact the Venmo support team by going to this page.

Does Venmo Work Internationally?

No. In fact, if you are outside of the U.S. and using the internet, you will not be able to sign into your Venmo account. This will also be the case if you’re using a VPN with a non-US IP address.

How to Cancel Venmo Payment

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to cancel Venmo payment that has been made to an existing Venmo account. Even in situations where you make a payment in error, for example paying the wrong person or sending a duplicate payment, there’s nothing you can do in the Venmo App to fix these mistakes. The problem is that Venmo makes its funds available to recipients of transfers once they are sent. Contacting Venmo Support won’t change anything as they cannot reverse a payment without explicit permission from the person who received the payment. The only way to cancel Venmo payment is by asking the person you sent it to, to send back the funds. You can also send them a Venmo request for the amount.