Overview of Antwerp Exchange Bank

Antwerp Exchange Bank was established in 1893 and is among just a handful of banks in the United States that have been operating for more than a century. The bank’s main office is located in the city of Antwerp in Ohio. The bank currently has total assets of $147 million, total net loans to customers of $96 million and total deposits outstanding of $131 million. As of this writing, the bank employs 29 people.

Other Information for Antwerp Exchange Bank

  • Antwerp Exchange Bank Routing Number: N/A
  • Main Office Address: 305 S. Main St., Antwerp, OH 45813
  • Website: www.antwerpexchangebank.com
  • Total Number of Branches: 3
  • Total Number of International Branches: None
  • Number of Employees: 29
  • FDIC Certificate Number: 14523
  • FDIC Community Bank: Yes
  • FDIC Field Office: Columbus
  • Independent or Subsidiary Bank: Independent
  • Federal Reserve ID Number: 91615
  • Bank Charter Class: NM
  • Primary Regulator: FDIC

Financial Metrics: Antwerp Exchange Bank (as of Dec 2021)

  • Total Assets: $147 million
  • Net Loans: $96 million
  • Total Deposits: $131 million
  • Return on Equity: 6.5%
  • Return on Assets: 0.59%
  • Tier 1 Risk-Based Capital: 12.9%