The Bankdash Mission

Launched in 2021, the mission of Bankdash is to improve consumer understanding about personal finance matters by providing data, research and analysis on banks, credit unions and the products they offer. Our aspiration is to help demystify an otherwise complex and opaque industry, and perhaps even help some of our readers avoid mistakes and improve their financial situations. In a lot of ways this site is the product of two intersecting beliefs: that the financial sector is overly complex, and that the general public knows too little about it.

Survey results from a study the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau conducted years ago best encapsulates this viewpoint. The study was a national financial well being study in the United States and surveyed over 6,000 people on a variety of personal finance and related topics, and the responses to two questions in particular really stood out to us:


Almost half of Americans believe that their current financial situation will prohibit their ability to have the things they want in their lives and the vast majority (79% to be specific) of Americans struggle to understand financial information. Combating this is our mission.

What You’ll Find on Our Site

All of the content on our site is related to banks, credit unions, the products and services these institutions offer and related personal finance topics. We also will publish content to serve as a resource for our readers in the form of a directory or a reference page (e.g. our Zelle Bank List and Zelle Credit Union List).

The objective is to deliver content that is easy to follow, thorough and informative, and resource pages that save our readers time. Importantly, 100% of the content on our site is original and objective: no one is paying us to write or publish anything. Some of the topics and topic areas we have covered thus far:

Who We Are and How to Reach Us

We’re a team of financial experts, writers, researchers and editors with extensive experience working at various banks and financial institutions over many years, and direct experience researching and analyzing banks and financial institutions for over a decade. The majority of the content is published by our Editorial Team which consists of Steve, our editor and founder, who has over 15 years of experience as a finance professional and is reachable at, and David, our research and operations chief, who is reachable at